Stand up for Cold Water Refugia and Wild Steelhead Conservation

Public Meeting on Thermal Angling Sanctuaries Wednesday March 25 @5:30 PM PST

ODFW will hold a virtual public meeting to present proposed protective regulations governing cold water refugia sites along the Columbia including Eagle Creek, Herman Creek and the Deschutes River confluence and hear from the interested public (that is you!)

When: Wednesday March 25 beginning at 5:30 PM

Where: ODFW’s You Tube Channel


Here are the main point for Protecting Wild steelhead and Salmon

1. Create “No Angling Sanctuaries” (NAS) at all three Oregon CWR Sites   

-Eagle Creek

-Herman Creek

-Deschutes River

2. Impose NAS beginning on July 15 through September 20 – this is the period when Columbia River water temperatures are above 68F/20C which is harmful to wild steelhead and salmon.

3. OR must urge WA to impose NAS during the same time period at 3 WA sites – Wind River, Little White Salmon River (aka Drano Lake) and Big White Salmon River.

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