Our Sound, Our Salmon’s Flotilla: Saying no to net pens

On Saturday, September 16th, join in for Our Sound, Our Salmon’s Flotilla off the southern coast of Bainbridge Island, in the waters known as the Rich Passage between Fort Ward Park and Manchester State Park.

The event will bring attention to the existing harm Atlantic salmon net pens impose upon our sound, our salmon, and our orcas, and to highlight the dire consequences of further expanding this destructive industry.

It will also culminate the campaign against net pens to the media and Governor Inslee. We plan to stand united as 79 organizations and businesses and over 5000 individuals, all of whom have signed the Our Sound, Our Salmon petition telling Governor Inslee loudly and clearly that the public does not want, and will not accept the expansion of Atlantic salmon net pens in Washington waters.

Currently, three Atlantic salmon net pens operate in the Rich Passage. Come the 16th, we’re going to gather a large flotilla of boats, kayaks, and canoes in the waters adjacent to the operating net pens.  We’re going to make signs, and we’re going to make some noise. The Flotilla will be on the water at 2PM and concluding at 4PM. We will have a post-float event at a location to be determined, and in the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated with further details.


Learn more about the event.




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