BC Wild Steelhead Need Your Voice!

Low numbers of returning salmon to the Skeena and Fraser regions have driven commercial fishers to press into marine areas near the Dean River in Central BC, and pushed First Nation fishers up the Fraser where they will certainly intercept wild steelhead bound to the Thompson River.
Dean River steelhead are intercepted by purse seiners chasing hatchery chum and pink salmon (which mask Central BC wild pinks and chums also in low abundance).
For a complete read on the Dean River situation, please read Ehor Boyanowsky’s still relevant editorial published in the Vancouver Sun: To the north of Bella Coola lies the Dean Channel.
Our friend and long-time chief steelhead advocate in BC, Robert Hooton, just published the findings of the most recent 2016-17 steelhead return to the Thompson River and its spawning tributaries. This dire report must prompt BC Fishery Managers to take action to prevent steelhead interception in the Fraser River.
The Conservation Angler urges all of its supporters to take a few moments to write to Provincial and Federal authorities in Canada asking them to take action for imperiled wild steelhead on the Dean and Thompson Rivers.
Below is a draft letter for your use regarding the Dean River. Please read Bob Hooton’s article and send a letter asking for steelhead protection to the same two officials noted in the Dean River letter.

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